8 Best AI iOS Apps (Free & Paid) in 2024

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Best AI iOS Apps

AI is one of the defining forces of our time, bringing change to many different fields of our lives. From automating daily activities to promoting creativity and communication, AI is at arm’s length in our pockets through smartphones. The iPhone, a device of distinction for its innovation and user experience, is a rich source of Best AI iOS Apps, each designed to suit varying demands and choices. 

In this article, we dive into the world of mobile applications integrated with AI technology and show the 8 Best AI iOS Apps in 2024. Let’s dive in.


What is the AI App?

We will begin with the top iPhone apps, and then, we define what is an AI app. A machine learning app is an artificial intelligence (AI) application that comprises machine learning algorithms and machine learning analysis for intelligent and automated feature provisioning.

Each of these apps is created to study user behavior, optimize preferences, and deliver custom experiences to the users. With iPhones, we can say that AI apps utilize their processing power and functions to ensure that end users enjoy many features from comfort, and efficiency, up to stages of the entertainment spectrum.


Top 8 AI Apps for iOS You Should Have A Try

Wondering what AI apps are hyped up in the industry? And what AI app for iOS fits your needs? Go through the content below to learn more about these best AI apps.


Best AI Photo Editing App for iOS

The Fotor app, which is the best and one of the most powerful AI-powered photo editing apps available for iPhones, allows photography enthusiasts along with casual users to enhance their photo editing experience. fotor’s artificial intelligence allows the software to automatically ameliorate and tweak images, adjusting parameters like brightness, contrast, color intensity, etc. In addition to basic enhancements, it has advanced AI filters that can take ordinary pictures and turn them into beautiful pieces of art. With it being one of the Best AI iOS Apps, its user-friendly interface paired with AI-generated recommendations, even those with limited editing skills, makeup photo-editing look like a piece of cake.

Also, there is a good AI image generator in Fotor. Either input the image description or upload your picture and our image generator will quickly provide artwork for you.

Key Features:

  • It’s quite comprehensive in providing the users with image manipulations of different types that include image editing, implementation of special effects, application of filters, etc.
  • Different editing toolkits such as background remover, add a Vignette, sharpen, blur, colorize, Remove Red Eyes, Adjust Brightness, search for perfect contrast, fine-tune the saturation, and more.
  • Over 30000 stickers and elements are available to inspire you to create attractive photo editing pieces for sharing.
  • Multiple photo effects such as photo to art will transform your picture into a marvelous style.


  • Fotor Basic: Free
  • Fotor Pro: $3.33/month
  • Fotor Pro+: $7.49/month


KnowItAll | AI Chatbot & AI Chat

KnowItAll is a great AI app for iOS. Meaningful conversation is at the heart of being human and KnowItAll enhances it with its native AI chatbot capabilities. KnowItAll is much more than a simple chatbot: it uses natural language processing (NLP) to simulate conversations that seem uncannily human.

Be it informational needs, emotional support, or entertainment, the AI chatbot of KnowItAll can help your business obtain insights and generate recommendations while also engaging in a witty repartee, thereby demonstrating the strides made in AI-powered chat capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Revises the document to look unprompted for non-human
  • Write full YouTube, TikTok, or Reels video scripts
  • Turn articles into key points
  • Coding and comment on it for you
  • Find and fix grammar and typos in emails, essays, texts, etc.




Bing | Evolved Search Engine with AI

Search engines have now become an inextricable part of our daily information hunt and Bing has employed AI to change the search game and become one of the best AI apps for the iPhone. Along with capabilities such as intelligent image search and visual translation, Bing employs AI to deliver more contextual and precise search results.

Artificial intelligence being an app, its voice search functionality powered by AI voice recognition brings a hands-free perspective to surfing the internet; hence, it places it among the top artificial intelligence applications for iPhone users looking for improved search abilities.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Queries instant results
  • Interactive chat conversations
  • Writes prompts for thoughts discussed by users




Google Assistant | Personal Assistant AI App for iOS

A household name in the AI field, Google Assistant still leads the race for virtual personal assistants. Natively integrated into iPhones, the AI app brings a multitude of functionalities, from setting reminders and sending texts to giving live weather alerts and even cracking jokes. Its contextual understanding and the ability to process natural language inquiries make it the main instrument for doing things, accessing information, and managing smart home devices by voice commands. No question about that, it is the best AI app for iOS.

Key Features:

  • Voice and command execution
  • Integration with Google services and apps of the third-party
  • Personalized responses and suggestions
  • Algorithms of deep learning for personalized assistance
  • Seamless integration with smart home systems




Youper | AI for Mental Wellness

Putting mental wellness first is mandatory, and Youper stands out as it takes an AI-based platform for emotional health. As a personalized AI application for emotional health, Youper converses with users to build self-awareness, manage stress, and improve mood. Using AI-driven interactions and mood monitoring, Youper makes users aware of the principles of emotional intelligence and their mental health. Moreover, Youper, one of the Best AI iOS Apps, promises the best customer service and hires only expert therapists to design CBT exercises and sessions. You can use the app whenever conveniently.

Key Features:

  • Individual therapy plans created by therapists.
  • Weekly sessions with behavior technicians
  • Accepts insurance plans
  • Detailed advising by AI bot


  • A medication plan each week for $24
  • A therapy and behavior, counseling set is $45 per week
  • A therapy, behavior coaching, and medication regime for $55 per week


Grammarly | AI Productivity Writing Tool

Grammar has become the best AI app for iOS for those who are heavily dependent on textual means of communication. Grammar is an app for iOS that uses AI to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure and even offers suggestions on writing style and improvement thereof. Its adaptive learning capabilities guarantee that it will grow with the user’s writing skills, thus it is a great companion for professionals, students, and everybody who wants to upgrade their written communication.

Key Features:

  • On-the-fly grammar and spelling check
  • Stylistic, Tonal, and Clear suggestions
  • Integration with various platforms


  • Free
  • Premium: $12.00/month
  • Business: $15.00/member/month


Replika | Best AI Friend App

Replika is a top AI app for iOS. In an era where people may find loneliness and isolation widespread, Replika brings great AI utility. Marketed as an AI friend Replika engages users in conversations, provides companionship, and even offers a platform to explore thoughts and feelings without judgment. Continuous conversations enable Replika’s AI to comprehend the user’s personality and likes and customize the discussions so they deliver companionship and emotional support.

Key Features:

  • 24*7 active virtual companion
  • Great 3D avatars to select
  • Addresses anxiety and boosts mental well-being.
  • Make your Replica well customized to enjoy better interactions.


  • Monthly plan: $19.99/month
  • Yearly plan: $5.83/Month
  • Lifetime plan: $299.99


ELSA | AI App for English Learning

The process of learning a new language can be quite intimidating, but ELSA harnesses AI to make the process more interactive and efficient. One of the best AI apps for it is made to improve English pronunciation. ELSA relies on speech recognition technology to give immediate comments on users’ pronunciation accuracy. Its AI-driven methodology pinpoints growth areas and provides tailored exercises; this way users get a fixed pronunciation and become confident English speakers.

Key Features:

  • Easy progress tracking
  • Multiple language support
  • First and foremost, American accent
  • Easy-to-follow explanatory videos


  • Lite (5-50): $103.50/user/year
  • Medium (51-100): $100.30/user/year
  • Premium (100+): Contact sales



In this article, we discussed AI apps and shared the top 8 AI apps for iPhones. They range from improving photos and streamlining searches to providing companionship and better mental wellness, the kind of apps we could have today. With a step forward, it is fascinating to think how AI will impact and better the future iPhone experience, bringing new features and applications that we do not even know are possible today.

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