Top 10 Best ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts for Unique Articles

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ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts

As an aspiring writer aiming to enhance your skills, devising fresh and unique article ideas can pose a genuine challenge. Enter ChatGPT, the revolutionary writing assistant transforms content creation and aids writers in crafting compelling prompts for unparalleled articles. This post explores the top 10 ChatGPT Copywriting prompts, providing techniques to effortlessly generate entirely original pieces. From instructing ChatGPT to adopt a specific perspective to presenting imaginative hypotheticals, you’ll acquire proven methods to unlock the creative potential of this tool. With these prompts, you’ll never struggle with developing distinctive content again. Let’s delve into the details!


Top 10 Best ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts for Unique Articles


1. Focus on “How To” Prompts

One of the most engaging types of content is the step-by-step ‘how-to’ article. Utilizing ChatGPT prompts for how-to topics can be generated across various niches or industries. For example, seeking prompts for how-to articles related to cooking, gardening, woodworking, marketing, productivity, and more can inspire creative ideas, resulting in helpful and unique content.


2. Ask for List Prompts

Another well-likable and shareable approach is known as listicle which works similarly. Such a numbers challenge can be issued by either using separate tools or by directly composing the headline “Top 10” or “Top 20.” For example, feel free to request access to prompts regarding the best 10 ways to save money, the top 20 social media influencers for a certain type of business, or the most promising 5 new technologies possibly to change the world. A listing article is one of the most straightforward ways to create and attract lots of visitors, and with the proposed method optimized further, the process becomes more seamless.


3. Get Curious about New Research or Innovations

Giving fresh information on ongoing trending topics and first-hand expertise on discoveries is an excellent way of creating top-notch content. Ask ChatGPT for the topic stimulators about future technology development, discoveries, and achievements in science, innovative startups, or another rapidly changing area. For example, you may begin by asking prompts to be set up based on different renewable energy sources such as solar energy, space tourism, a new breakthrough in medical technology, CRISPR, or education start-ups. Since reporting on upcoming innovation fields will produce unique posts, it will be much easier to increase the readership.


4. Explore Controversial Topics

While potentially risky, covering thought-provoking or controversial issues can also lead to provocative, attention-grabbing content. ChatGPT may be able to provide balanced prompts exploring topics like politics, ethics, societal changes, and more. However, exercise caution here, as these types of articles can easily become subjective or polarizing if not handled carefully. Get input from human experts if needed.


5. Follow Trends and Seasonal Interests

Trends, holidays, seasonal topics, as well as recognition of competitive events, are the best ways to find prompts for the most current and relevant content. In the spirit of the holiday season, seek ideas on gift guides, recipes, and Christmas tree decorations from ChatGPT in the middle of November. Encourage your viewers to ask you for help in writing their essays on movies, shows, books, or music songs during awards season. Post content that corresponds to relevant trends on social media and popular culture and request prompts that you want to consider and make content with them. Follow the trend and regain information about seasonal issues, cement the posts with topics that are relevant and catchy.


What Are ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts?

ChatGPT copywriting prompts” are not ready-made sentences, but rather queries, questions, or phrases that you give to ChatGPT’s AI model to get creative and original content. The prompts contain a seed of creativity leading the AI system to come up with a flow to the writing process. With some prompt, which will supply AI with the essential direction as well as the context required, the machine may produce personalized content.


Types of Prompts

There are a few types of prompts you can use:

  • Questions: Since this class needs you to be an active participant, ask the AI anything related to the theme or the product for the initial engagement. For instance, “What is the instigation of using our product?” or “How does this service work?” The AI will be able to answer your questions and you will be able to further elaborate on the response.
  • Partial sentences: Providing the first part of a sentence for the AI to complete is another useful prompt technique. For example, “Our service helps customers by…” or “The #1 reason to choose our product is…” Let the AI finish the thought and build upon what it generates.
  • Keywords: Just simply supplying a few key terminologies or ideas that relate to what you wish to write about provides the AI with contextual context without constraint the AI. For instance, “inside marketing, social media, establishing the blog” or “the best user experience, onboarding, user support”. On the other hand, a human writer will write the content around the topic keywords.
  • Examples: Giving the AI some sample content, headlines, or bullets that reflect the style, tone, and messaging you want can also be an effective prompt. The AI analyzes your examples and generates a similar copy.

Using a mix of these prompt types is a great way to guide while still allowing for creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment – you can always refine and improve the AI’s responses. The key is finding the right balance between direction and flexibility. With practice, you’ll be crafting copy with ChatGPT in no time!


Creating Effective ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts

To obtain a quality copy for blogging fast with ChatGPT you need to feed it with such prompts that will suit your needs properly. Vague and general questions will mostly end up in generic results as a rule of thumb thus take some effort to develop more specific prompts that would lead to more creative works.


Be Specific About Your Topic

It is not just sufficient to tell ChatGPT that you want an article about “Content Marketing” in general. Get specific with the topic (“Write an experimental section for a blog post on effective CTAs in your content marketing campaign”) to get the most accurate and relevant response it can provide.


Give An Outline or Talking Points

If you want ChatGPT to cover certain key points or follow a particular flow, provide an outline or list of talking points. For example, you might say: “Here is an outline for a 300-word section on effective ChatGPT prompts:

  1. Be specific about your topic
  2. Provide an outline or talking points
  3. Set the tone and point of view
  4. Define the length and format
  5. Include examples and inspiration”

Following an outline will allow ChatGPT to organize your content in a logical way and hit all the important points you want to convey.


Set The Tone and Point of View

Furthermore, mention your preference to keep it informal or formal and the perspective such as first person, second person, or third person, the copy is supposed to use. For example, OK, I will use the third person in the first part, and the second person in the middle part. These two parts will have a 300-word charity each, to cover target audience content goals.


Define The Length and Format

Be sure to tell ChatGPT exactly how long the copy should be (in words) and what format it should follow (blog section, social media post, product page content, etc.). The more information you feed ChatGPT about the specifics, the better it can tailor the copy to your needs.

Following these tips will help you craft prompts that inspire ChatGPT to generate unique and compelling copy for your content. The key is providing as much context and direction as possible so it can tap into its knowledge and language capabilities to produce the results you’re looking for.


100+ ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts



ChatGPT can generate questions on just about any topic. Here are some examples:

The chatbots provide various advantages to companies. What do AI technologies bring about the evolution of marketing? What posts get the most engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and what shouldn’t users rely on to achieve such results?



Writing catchy headlines is an art form. Let ChatGPT suggest some options:

The 3 Secrets to Writing Clickable Headlines
Generate 10X More Traffic with These Proven Headline Formulas
7 Words You Need to Use in Your Next Blog Post Title


Opening Sentences

The opening sentence is so important for drawing readers in. Try using prompts like:

The future of content marketing is… In a world of short attention spans, how do you…
Gone are the days when…


Common Phrases and Transitions

To write fluidly and engagingly, use common phrases and transitions suggested by ChatGPT, such as:

That said, …
With that in mind…
All things considered… The key takeaway is… In short… To put it simply…



One great technique that will make your writing more dynamic is to use synonyms for the sake of giving it a touch of originality and also for SEO consideration. For example, instead of using “said” multiple times, try: For example, instead of using “said” multiple times, try:

pointed out remarked

Or instead of “good,” try:

excellent superb outstanding exceptional

ChatGPT can suggest synonyms for almost any word or phrase to improve your copywriting.

The possibilities are endless with ChatGPT. Keep experimenting with different prompts to generate unique and helpful copywriting content for your blog posts, articles, emails, and more. The more you practice, the more tailored and relevant the AI’s suggestions will become.


ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriting Like a Pro:

When using ChatGPT for unique copywriting, the key is providing the right prompts to get the creative juices flowing. Here are some of the best prompts to generate engaging copy:


Excitingly describe this product:

Such prompting, therefore, will persuade the chatbot to use catchy phrases and exciting sentences to get a product across. You can anticipate a product’s description that will be most effective in specific places including your website and landing pages. For example, if describing a new tech gadget, ChatGPT may respond with: “With this amazing device, you’re entering a whole new world of possibilities! Dazzling speed, a show-stopping color that makes your retina retweet, and super thin yet powerful design—these guts were built for you to breathe the fire of your productivity like you never have… not until now.”


Tell a story about someone using this product:

ChatGPT has gotten quite good at generating short stories and anecdotes. This prompt can result in an impactful story featuring a character benefiting from your product in a meaningful way. The story brings an emotional element that resonates with readers. For example: “Jenny was always disorganized. She had sticky notes covering her desk, reminders filling her phone, and to-do lists spilling out of her overstuffed backpack. That is until she discovered the HyperOrganizer. This intelligent planner learned Jenny’s habits, prioritized her tasks, and kept everything in one place. Within a week, Jenny’s desk was clear and her mind was free. She could finally focus on her work knowing HyperOrganizer had her back.”


Give three reasons why someone should choose this product:

This prompt delivers concise yet compelling points on your product’s key benefits and advantages. You get pre-written copy highlighting the value to customers in a scannable bulleted list. For example:
• Performed by industry-leading experts with over 20 years of experience.
• Made from the highest quality, sustainably sourced materials.
• Save 50% on your order today and get free shipping – an unbeatable deal!

Using prompts like these, you can generate persuasive copy and stories that connect with your audience. Let ChatGPT do the work while you provide the creative direction. Your unique, high-converting copy is just a prompt away!


Bonus Prompts

Want to jazz up your content even more? Here are a few bonus copywriting prompts to inspire truly unique articles:

Chatbots are also a fun way of kicking off new ideas. Have AI assistant give you a random word or phrase, for example, to get you started. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to provide three random nouns, using this to create a story or an article. Thanks to the randomness there can appear a lot of really original ideas!

Another tactic is to combine two unrelated topics or subjects into one piece of content. For instance, you might fuse travel tips with productivity hacks, or blend a technical how-to guide with humor and personal anecdotes. Combining dissimilar topics in new ways leads to innovative content that provides value in unexpected areas.

Turn a common question or FAQ into an in-depth explainer post. Take a simple query that you frequently receive and expand on it by providing a comprehensive and thoughtful response. Share your expertise and unique perspective on the topic. Readers will appreciate the depth and detail, especially for questions they also wonder about.

Reuse existing content in the new format. If you have older posts, videos, or any other content that still is beneficial, try to present it in a new medium. As an example, convert a blog post into an email course or podcast episode. Update the content whenever necessary to keep it fresh. Your audience may assess the rehashed content differently.

Look for inspiration from media outside your niche. See what kinds of content, formats, and engaging techniques other websites and publishers are using, even if they operate in very different spaces. Borrow some of the most innovative ideas and put your spin on them, tailored to your audience and industry. Cross-pollinating like this often yields unexpected wins.

With a little practice, these bonus prompts can stimulate the creation of truly one-of-a-kind content that provides massive value to your readers. Keep generating and combining new ideas, and soon generating unique content ideas will become second nature!



And here you go – 10 right ChatGPT copywriting prompts that must be used for the next time you are generating these juices for unique content writing. Both aspiring writers who want to arrive at more diverse ones, and writers who just want to pep up their routine can find great inspiration in these prompts. Ultimately, it’s not about evading the AI but rather thinking creatively and working with it to discover fresh angles for your work. ChatGPT comes in handy when approached with some judgment. Therefore, surf through our prompts list and switch on your creative thinking gear to let yourself be inspired by our food and word combinations.