PSL 2024: TV Channels, Live Streaming & PSL Live Match App

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Experience PSL 2024 globally through diverse options. In Pakistan, ‘A Sports HD’ and Ten Sports HD air matches. ‘Begin,’ ‘Tapmad,’ and the exclusive ‘PSL Live Match App’ provide online streaming. International fans can tune in via Sky Sports, Fox Cricket, Willow TV, and Sky Sports NZ. Specialized platforms like Cricbuzz and StarzPlay E-vision cater to MENA and South Asian regions. Choose your preferred channel or streaming service, including the convenient ‘PSL Live Match App,’ to catch the excitement of the tournament.


In Pakistan


A Sports HD

To watch the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 live on “A Sports HD,” you need to tune into the channel, which is Pakistan’s first HD sports channel dedicated to broadcasting a variety of sports content including cricket. However, it’s not an online streaming service but a conventional TV channel. You can access it if you have a satellite or cable TV subscription that includes the channel in its package. For those without access to the channel, it’s not available as a standalone online service or through other platforms.


Ten Sports HD

To watch the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 live on Ten Sports HD, tune into the Ten Sports television channel, which specializes in sports broadcasting in South Asia. Ten Sports HD typically offers high-definition live coverage of diverse sports events, including cricket. It’s important to note that Ten Sports is a satellite and cable network available in many regions; however, if you are outside its broadcasting area or do not have access to cable/satellite TV, you might need to explore alternative streaming services or platforms that have broadcasting rights for the PSL. It is not an online-only streaming service.


Snack Video

Snack Video is a social platform similar to TikTok, where users share short videos. It isn’t a dedicated sports streaming service. To watch PSL (Pakistan Super League) 2024 live on Snack Video, you would need to follow accounts that share live coverage or highlights, as the platform may not officially broadcast the matches.



To watch PSL 2024 live, “Begin” is a virtual platform for streaming sports events, including the Pakistan Super League—PSL. It isn’t a cable TV channel but an online service that provides live sports content, accessible via an app or website with a subscription or login credentials.



Tapmad is an online streaming platform where you can watch the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 live. It is not a cable or satellite TV channel, but rather a digital service requiring internet access, offering live and on-demand content viewable on various devices including smartphones and tablets.



Tamasha is a live-streaming platform offering various entertainment content, including sports. To watch the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 live on Tamasha, access the platform through its website or mobile app, and navigate to the sports section. Tamasha is solely a streaming service, not a sports league or a television channel.


In the UK


Sky Sports

To watch the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 live on Sky Sports in the UK, subscribe to their sports package and access the broadcast through your TV provider or the Sky Go app. Sky Sports is a group of sports television channels offered by Sky, offering comprehensive live sports coverage – it is not a free-to-air service, so a subscription is necessary for access.


In Australia


Fox Cricket

To watch PSL 2024 live on Fox Cricket in Australia, ensure you have a subscription to their service, as Fox Cricket holds the broadcasting rights for cricket. This is a television network specifically for showcasing cricket matches and events and is not a streaming platform for other sports or entertainment content.


In the USA


Willow TV

Willow TV is a dedicated cricket channel in the USA that broadcasts live cricket matches, including the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024. To watch PSL live on Willow TV, subscribe to their service through your cable provider or stream online via their website or app. Willow TV is not a free service.


In New Zealand


Sky Sports NZ

To watch the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 live on Sky Sports NZ in New Zealand, subscribe to the channel through your local cable provider or streaming service that offers Sky Sports NZ. This service is a sports broadcasting network, not a free streaming site. It provides live coverage of various sports, including cricket’s PSL, for subscribed viewers in New Zealand.


MENA and South East Asia



Cricbuzz MENA and South Asia is a streaming platform designed to broadcast cricket matches, including the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 live. It is not a broad-ranging entertainment service but rather a specialized sports streaming service focusing on cricket for audiences in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asian regions.


StarzPlay E-vision

StarzPlay E-vision for MENA and South Asia is a streaming platform where you can watch the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 live. It’s a subscription-based service providing a range of entertainment content but is not a free-to-air channel or available outside the specified regions.



In conclusion, experience PSL 2024 through diverse options, including traditional TV channels and online platforms like Begin, Tapmad, Tamasha, Cricbuzz, StarzPlay E-vision, and the innovative PSL Live Match App, offering an inclusive viewing experience for fans with varied preferences.